The Arlo Page


Even The New Yorker's
regular cartoonists have
their comics rejected at
times: because they're too
politically incorrect, too
sexual or too gross -- or 
for no reason other than
the magazine having more
comics than it needed for
a given issue. This book 
collects the comics that
never saw the light of day,
and would probably make 
a great gift for anybody
not easily offended.

Nikki: Since Wally said he was drawing pointy haired boss in funny positions -- perhaps the
picture shows the boss bending over backwards with a firm grip on his ankles --

Needless to say, most people assumed the obvious: that the Pointy Headed Boss was doing a Pee Wee Herman in the boardroom (or someplace else where Catbert had access to a camera)  -Bill

Some Potential Arlo Comics You Guys Sent Me

Mark Wadsworth: Agnes's last line looks like it belongs on the Arlo page, although in
this comic strip it's difficult to put that interpretation on it.

I really don't know this strip, but I had to wonder how innocent it was after two people asked me to explain this one:

... which, by the way, made me laugh out loud (because I am, in so many ways, a 12-year-old).
If you don't get it, pass your mouse over the following line:
extra testicles

Charlene Vickersand David K suggested this:

Janice Rey and Ted both sent this Zits strip:

which was reminiscent of this older one:


Wendy: This seems much too sweet for the Arlo Page, but it certainly meets the requirements.

And Nikkisent:

and these two, where the placement doesn't seem to be accidental:

Nikki also sent this one...

... which I guess could have been far worse -- and definitely more troubling for John -- if the punchline had revolved around this panel:

But this month's clear winner (sent to me by at least a dozen people, Ted being the first) is:

Ted: Read the comics he's reading. Mommys WHAT! :)

The Arlo Award:
for Cartoonists Who Slip One By the Syndicate's Censors

Just a clarification: To be eligible for the Arlo Award, a cartoon can't be merely suggestive or teasingly naughty: There has to be no way the cartoonist can even attempt to deny his intentions

...and please tell me that's not a bulge in his pants...

More strips below the ads...

Doug B: It would have made a nice Madison Avenue slogan: "It's not sex. It's Rachmaninoff."

Reece Morehead: I was bemused the first time I learned that both 'rock and roll' and 'jazz' were originally slang
terms for sex.  I can well imagine the horror of both the parents of teenagers -- to say nothing of classical music fans -- who might have heard Wolfman Jack back in the sixties shouting into the microphone, "Rachmaninoff and roll forever, bay-buh!"  Or maybe we
should let Rob Reiner's mom have the last word about Edda: "I'll have what she's having!"


(That's a baby bottle with a nipple, by the way)

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